Our lessons are geared towards beginners’ level up to the most advanced level. The students will be given an assessment tests to determine their entry level.

The Following Are the Courses We Offer In Our Online School:

BEGINNERS LEVEL – This level is for starters of the language. Here, the students will learn the basic knowledge of written and oral English. They will be introduced to simple words, simple phrases and vocabularies that will help them to start right in their learning.

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL – This is for English learners who can use English in their daily conversations but yet to have the confidence in doing so. Students in this level have broader knowledge of the language.

ADVANCED LEVEL – Students in this level are now effective in the English language. They will be taught however to be more confident in conversing in all situations including business and social. At this point, their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar will be strengthened.



Translation Jobs

Japanese – English; English – Japanese

Korean – English; English – Korean

Italian – English; English – Italian