ClickPlus International offers a wide variety of tours in Asia! We are giving you a unique opportunity to explore the awe inspiring Asia’s famous places through our customized tour packages.  So, come book with us and share the delights of this amazing Asia!

Below are the Travel Packages we offer on the following countries in Asia



Experience scenic Japan! Discover the hubs of the modern city of Tokyo. ClickPlus International will give you the most exciting and unique experience of both modern and classic Japan



We always strive to offer you worry- free vacations, imaginative adventures and unforgettable travel experiences. If you’re looking for a tropical getaway for your next vacation spot, Philippines may just be the perfect place!  The Philippines is the perfect destination if you are looking to travelcheap and for off-the-beaten track destinations and experiences.  Explore, experience and enjoy the Philippines with ClickPlus International!



Travel to Singapore with ClickPlus International. The premier sites are Singapore Flyer, Night Safari, Zoo Trip, City and Sightseeing tours! Witness its unique culture. Singapore tour can be great fun. Here are a few tour plans which you may use  for an enjoyable and unforgettable time in Singapore!